Blowsion Surf Slam 2009 - September 11-13th 2009

DVD ISO image downloads

Instructions on how to to use the links below

You can ask computer savvy friend if you can't do this yourself.
Make sure you have a DVD burner, software to burn DVDs,
a blank DVD, 20 GB of free hard drive space, a fast
internet connection (slower will work just takes longer)
and a couple hours to download it. Click each of the the links "DVD ISO #1" below
and select the option to save the file to disk:
Even on fast connections it might take almost 2 hours to download each file.

After it is downloaded it should look like a file folder with a zipper on it.
1. Open that folder and drag the file out of it to someplace else.
2. Double click on the file you dragged out.
It should fire up your DVD burner software and ask for a blank disk.
3. Insert blank DVD, burn and enjoy!

Repeat the above proceedure for DVD ISO #2-4.





An index of what is on each DVD can be found here:
DVD index