Northwest Surfriders

A very cool logo/opening for the videos is needed.
I have been using special effects software availble at work to create it.
We didn't have the name "Northwest Surfriders" for our freeride group until
the March freeride. The examples below were done before the freeride so I
didn't have the name to use at that time. Still a bunch more work to do to make it right.
There are a lot of credits at the end of a movie with special effects. I get to do all
those jobs.

Here is what I started with to test my ideas.
It is text rising up out of the ocean.
Note the interaction of the text with the water.
Text rises from ocean

A guy I work with used to work doing CAD and engineering on PWCs in the late 1990s.
He had a 3D model of a cool "concept" PWC he did back then. I added it to the "scene".
Text rises from ocean with PWC

Next I converted it to Macromedia Flash so I could use it in the middle of a web page.
It takes a few seconds to load which is even more work I have to do to fix that.
Text rises from ocean and PWC - Flash version

Here is a test of the work in progress. A sky background has been added.
The PWC is a lot smaller to make the waves look bigger but they are a bit too big.
It makes the swells about 40 footers. It also has some interesting effects
as the PWC and camera go under the water.
Is that sky or am I drowning and seeing heaven?
Ocean, sky and PWC with underwater action!