Blowsion Surf Slam 2009 - September 11-13th 2009

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Videos from Surfslam2009 on Youtube

Videos from the 2009 Blowsion Surf Slam


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Below is some old school video stuff

Back in 2009 the videos were put on this web site to get better
quality than Youtube had at that time. Back then the quality on
Youtube sucked pretty bad. If you want a blast from
past check out some of the video links below.

Highlights edited by DJKorn1

Highlights #1

Highlights #2

Pro competition

Ross Champion (red, winner) and Mike Serlin (yellow) for first place.
The announcer had yellow and red backwards

Pierre Maixent (yellow, winner) and Graham Reid (red) for third place

Semi Final - Ross Champion (yellow, winner) and Graham Reid (red)

Semi Final - Mike Serlin (yellow, winner) and Pierre Maixent(red)

Quarter Final - Ross Champion (yellow, winner) and Mark Sickerling(red)

Quarter Final - Graham Reid (red, winner) and Jeremy Fleming (yellow)

Quarter Final - Mike Serlin (winner) and Peter McLoughlin

Quarter Final - Pierre Maixent (winner) and Eddie Bettencourt

Free DVDs of Surf Slam video

You can download files and create DVDs of over 3 hours of video shot at Surf Slam

Click here for free DVD downloads