Northwest Surfriders

Maps to the places we ride
Pick a map the click on the placemarks on the left side.
The placemark menus can provide directions to get there
Click on Satellite to get a bird's eye view of the area.
Latitude and longitude information for many of the locations
is provided in case you want to use another map program
besides Google or so you can put them in a GPS.

Please DO NOT attempt to ride in the Pacific Ocean surf alone
even if you are an experienced rider.
It is dangerous surf with undertows and rip tides

Long Beach, WA
Surf freeride location, beach launch
Latitude/longitude location: 46.329358,-124.0659

Westport and Grayland, WA
Surf Freeride location, Beach launch. We sometimes launch from the boat launch.
Half Moon Bay latitude/longitude location: 46.905773,-124.121218
Westport Boat launch latitude/longitude location: 46.905057,-124.107005
Grayland latitude/longitude location: 46.846749,-124.109545

Lincoln City, OR - Salmon River
Surf freeride location, launch at boat launch at Knight Park, fresh rinse in Devils's lake.
If the tide is less than +2.0 the Salmon river to the Ocean may not be passable.

Pacific City, OR
Surf freeride location

Netarts, OR
Surf freeride location

Portland, OR area boat launches

Marysville, WA
Boat launch for recreational riding in the Seattle area
This is where people from our group go out almost every
Sunday all year long. They discuss riding here online
with a subject like "SNOHOMISH RIVER Sunday rides!!":
Marysville ride online discussion
Marysville launch latitude/longitude location: 48.047534,-122.178022

Kalama, WA
Boat launch for recreational riding of Ocean going freighter wakes.
These wakes can be huge so be careful.
There can be times that a freighter doesn't
come by for hours at a time.
Check the freighter schedule link below
WARNING: Kalama is downstream from the Willamette
and may contain raw sewage after heavy rains for a few days
Kalama launch latitude/longitude location: 46.008863,-122.84911

Freighter schedule
To guess-timate when a freighter will be going past Kalama do the following.
If it is imcoming from the bar add 5.5 hours.
If it is outbound from Portland/Vancouver add 2 hours.
This has not been confirmed as accurate but it's better than nothing.

Yale Lake, WA
Recreational riding - A beautiful lake to visit during the summer.

Cresent bar, WA
A nice place to ride in central Washington.